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First - A  little about us!

We started FoodAdo because we love great food and we want to make a difference.  

We passionately want to help the small (but great) food producers, who are working really hard to create fabulous foods, with their own hands, in small batches, and without need of nasty additives.  

We're all about real food made the old fashioned way.  You can read more here.

How Does FoodAdo Work?

FoodAdo is the fastest and lowest cost way to start selling direct to consumers on the internet.

FoodAdo works by bringing together a select collection of fabulous artisan food makers in one place, so they are more easily found by hungry foodies who want to buy through a convenient and trusted site.

Its like an online speciality food festival - that's open every day.

When each order comes, you pack the food in a box and click "ok" on your FoodAdo Orders page to book the shipping.

Our courier will then collect from you and deliver your speciality fresh and direct to a hungry foodie somewhere in the UK.



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Meet our Producers

Meet our wonderful Producers! If you have a favourite small Producer you'd like to see on FoodAdo, please email us at

Sell with Us

FoodAdo is the easiest way to start selling direct to consumers on the internet. We support small food businesses making great tasting foods. Apply today - its easy to get started.

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