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How does @FoodAdo work & why is it important to register?

Monday, October 11th, 2010

How does work and why is it important to register?

FoodAdo’s technology is integrated with Parcel Force (Shipping) and SagePay (Credid Cards).

When you want to order a product you like, you are asked to register and insert your correct address.

Your order goes directly to the single artisan producer, with the quantity and your shipping details.

They receive an email with your request, they prepare the box with your lovely food and print the shipping label in one go.

Parcel Force is automatically informed by FoodAdo system that they need to pick up a box from them and deliver it to you.

All this saves time to the small producers.

They have more time to produce good food and don’t get mad in organizing orders and delivery pick ups on the phone, writing down addresses, filling in forms. looking for post codes…

It is another way we all can use to help the small artisan producer to resist the food giants’ competition!

Register now and start supporting UK artisan food producers by buying their great products on FoodAdo!!

What is @FoodAdo Friday Giveaway? RT & play. Win artisan foods and drinks from UK producers

Friday, October 8th, 2010

FoodAdo Friday is a competition on FoodAdo’s Facebook and Twitter pages

The FoodAdo Community is challenged with questions or games.

Friday Oct 8 2010

This week: Where did you have your best cup of tea?

Reply and post your answers, the one who gets more “Likes” wins.


Prize: A FoodAdo parcel with delicious artisan products will be delivered straight to his home or office, wherever in UK mainland.

Play now:


In order to be eligible to win you have to hold a free account on – (the shipping address specified in the registration is in UK Mainland)

The games starts on Friday at 11.00am and closes on the following Monday at 11.00am

Have fun & love good food!

Don’t miss FoodAdo Friday: register and follow us on Facebok and Twitter

Don’t miss FoodAdo Friday: register and follow us on Facebok and Twitter