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This week FoodAdo Friday Giveaway Competition: Win chocolate RT & tell @FoodAdo who you would share chocolate with

Friday, October 15th, 2010

FoodAdo Friday is a competition on FoodAdo’s Facebook and Twitter pages

The FoodAdo Community is challenged with questions or games.

Friday Oct 15 2010

Which famous person (of all times) would you share chocolate with?

Prize: A FoodAdo parcel with delicious artisan products (this week: Choc Chick Master Kit) will be delivered straight to his home or office, wherever in UK mainland.

Enjoy chocolatey creativity!

Play now:


In order to be eligible to win you have to hold a free account on – (the shipping address specified in the registration is in UK Mainland)

The games starts on Friday at 11.00am and closes on the following Monday at 11.00am

Have fun & love good food!

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Don’t miss FoodAdo Friday: register and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

@FoodAdo MUMPRENEURS: Galia from CHOC CHICK, how to be a mum & manage a successful business

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010


FoodAdo interviewed Galia, Choc Chick, to discover what is a secret of a working mother that manages to have lovely children and a successful business.

Q: Galia, How did you manage the challenge of being a mother and launch your own business?

A: I actually set up my own business as I was finding it hard to balance my family life and a full time job. By setting up my own company CHOC Chick, I’ve been able to make my own hours and although I actually work longer hours than before, I’m still able to collect my daughters from school, attend school events and be there in the afternoons when they are home. I’ve had a lot of help from my husband and girls and they are very much involved in the business, from developing new chocolate recipes, packing up orders and ingredients to helping out at trade shows and events. It is a constant challenge balancing motherhood with my business but I am extremely lucky to have a very supportive family who are as passionate about my business as I am.

Q: What made you click and think “I want to create CHOC Chick“?

A: I’ve always been a chocoholic and when I discovered, around 3 years ago, how easy, healthy and delicious raw chocolate making is I began making copious amounts of chocolates for friends and family. At that time it was difficult and expensive finding the raw chocolate making ingredients and after making my own chocolate for around 6 months, I decided to leave my full time job and developed a range of affordable raw chocolate making kits with all the ingredients and recipes so that anyone can be a chocolatier and discover the joys of raw chocolate.

Q: Did you have connections or experience in the business before you started?

A: My previous job was in Internet Marketing, so using this experience I initially set up my business online and developed my online shop. As my aim is to make raw chocolate making accessible to all, I realised after a year in business, that I needed to get our Kits and ingredients into retail outlets and the high-street and this has been a huge learning curve as I had absolutely no experience in retail.

Q: What is the most precious tip you would you give to a Mum thinking about starting a small company?

A: Be passionate about your business but do make sure to find time for yourself and delegate as much as you can. When running your own small business you end up doing absolutely everything, on top of the housework, taking care of the children and cooking dinner, so finding ways to delegate some of the work and spending a little time just on yourself (simply going for a walk with my dogs works for me!) is incredibly important.

Q: What is the thing you like the most about CHOC Chick?

A: Setting up my business has been a dream come true, I get to work with everything chocolate, which is one of my biggest passions, but my favourite thing is seeing people’s reactions when they taste raw chocolate and realise how much fun it is to make it themselves. It’s incredibly satisfying to work in something that brings so much happiness to others (and myself of course!).

Q: What is in the future for lovely CHOC Chick?

A: My aim is to continue to grow the business both online and on the high-street and bring raw chocolate making to every kitchen in the UK and beyond.

Galia has recently started selling her beautiful chocolates on, and discovere that FoodAdo is a  website specialised in supporting little UK food producers, many of whom are women and mothers. Good luck Galia!

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Do you like FoodAdo? Register or follow us on Facebok and Twitter!

Speciality and Fine Food Fair 2010, Olympia London

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

FoodAdo loved the Speciality and Fine Food Fair 2010, it was just irresistible!

The FoodAdo Team was enchanted by the friendly people, the best specialities and the clever producers coming from all over the UK (not to mention those who were coming from oversea!)

Great selection of foods, magical chocolates and sweets, surprising vegan, vegetarian and organic products.

The strike? It did not stop hungry foodies from attending: the place was very busy, till closing time. The Fair’s staff had to ask visitors to live because people would not go away at closing time (6pm).

It was so good, they just couldn’t have enough of it!

Paul from FoodAdo and Galia from ChocChick

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Mary’s heart is made of chocolate

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Mary Kinsella, from the  Gorgeous Chocolate Heart Company, is a committed chocoholic and a talented artisan producer with a passion for research.

She managed to create raw chocolate snacks that have all the nutrient goodies in: full of superfoods, energy enhancing, nutrient dense and no roasting or additives (wheat, dairy and gluten free).

“I am passionate about creating the best raw chocolate, and am constantly doing research (and lots of tastings!) to improve my products and create more delicious recipes.”

She is indeed! And she has a collection of interesting recipes too!

Her raw chocolate balls are unique and it is fun to explore them all. They just surprise you with their character!

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When Art and Food meet

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

When Art and Food meet the result can’t be anything but really good!

Holly has just come on board with FoodAdo: the more we discover about her the more we like her and the delicate chocolate she creates.

“As an artist painting magical and uplifting pictures, who was also a foodie and a chocoholic, I was interested in quality  chocolate, and was so inspired after seeing the film “Chocolat” that I began to experiment with various chilli and chocolate concoctions of my own, and embarked upon a quest to discover the secrets behind the best and most delicious chocolate in the world.

Initially I started to sell my chocolate creations alongside my art at exhibitions.  This proved very successful, and I began to fuse my passion for art and chocolate by putting my own art on the packaging.  In early 2008, l launched Chocoholly, with a mission to produce the finest quality organic hand-made chocolate, together with my own packaging  I had designed myself.  The rest, as they say, is history!

I have been greatly inspired by Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, she has been a real trailblazer for peoples rights and the environment, and an absolutely amazing woman. I admire women who’ve gone into business and become a success against the odds,  like Jo Malone who has successfully built a luxury fragrance brand and  now coaches women starting their own new businesses.

I believe strongly in the provenance and purity of the ingredients I use, which means everything is organic. No chemicals have been used in the growing of any of my ingredients. There’s nothing artificial added, and my range of chocolates are accredited by the Soil Association.  I make everything by hand in small batches, the old fashioned way, and I even create my own chilli oil for flavour, and everything is in harmony with the environment.  This is what Chocoholly really stands for, and the price reflects this because the ingredients are organic and pure which results in the finest artisan chocolate for the most discerning chocoholic.

I love creating recipes and my Chilli and Coconut dark chocolate is a very popular flavour as it is perfectly balanced, and not the usual mouth burner that chilli can be. Probably because I make my own chilli oil using a variety of different chillies for flavour. My Cardamom chocolate is so subtle and wonderful that it has become my best seller.

I intend to incorporate more and more creativity in to my chocolate, and to continue to create organic chocolate that is pure and in harmony with the environment. If you have any suggestions for new flavours I’d love to hear from you!”


I love chocolate!

Friday, June 11th, 2010

More girls coming on board!

Galia, from CHOC Chick Chocolate, had a long love affair with chocolate for long long time…

“I love chocolate! Chocolate has always been a big part of my life and some of my earliest childhood memories are of making and eating chocolate as a child in South America.

Having rediscovered the chocolate of my childhood here in the UK, I resolved to set up CHOC Chick to promote the pure goodness of chocolate in its raw state and bring the delights and benefits of raw chocolate to everyone.

I must also confess to not being one who spent a lot of time in the kitchen. As a working mum, cooking was more of a chore and never a relaxing experience for me. What really amazed me was how simple and enjoyable making raw chocolate is and how much I enjoy experimenting and thinking of new ingredients to add to the chocolates.

The best part really was discovering how good for you raw chocolate is. The more I read about the benefits and properties of raw chocolate, the more amazed I was that raw chocolate ingredients aren’t simply a household staple, easily found in any shop. Not only is raw chocolate considered a “super food” chock full of antioxidants containing over 300 nutritional compounds, but made with Sweet Freedom (a natural sweetener made from fruit) the home made chocolates have a low glycemic index and are lactose and gluten free. Raw chocolate is also a recognized anti depressant, mood enhancer, appetite suppressant and my ultimate favourite…aphrodisiac!

I of course started making large quantities of chocolates for my family, friends, dinner parties, school fairs and any occasion I could find. Sunday mornings in our household have become infused with the smells of melting cocoa butter and chocolate powder and my children adore helping me and of course eating the chocolates!

This rediscovery was too good to keep to myself and circle of friends, so after sourcing ethical suppliers in Ecuador and designing our packaging, I launched my website in September 2008 and the first CHOC Chick Kit was born.

I hope you enjoy making and eating these decadently healthy raw chocolates as much as I do!”

Can chocolate fight aging and make your skin glow?

Friday, May 21st, 2010


(From Reuters) – The world’s largest chocolate maker says it may have come up with a chocolate bar that could fight wrinkles and slow the aging process, making it the latest food group to tap the appetite for healthier living.

Eating 20 g (0.755 oz) of specially developed chocolate packed with antioxidants, or flavanols, each day may help prevent wrinkles and make skin more radiant by boosting elasticity and improving hydration, studies carried out by Barry Callebaut showed.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the nutritional value of what they eat, and Barry Callebaut’s claims come as food giants such as Nestle and Danone also push into the healthy eating arena.

Dark chocolate has already been linked with certain health benefits, such as helping to lower blood pressure and reducing the risk of strokes thanks to its high content of antioxidants.

The Swiss group has developed a way of preserving the flavanols found in cocoa beans during the chocolate-making process, allowing them to produce a bar that is richer in flavanols, Barry Callebaut Chief Innovation Officer Hans Vriens said in an interview.

“Chocolate and health do not seem to fit together but it is a very interesting proposition: if I can eat something I like and it is good for me, that is great,” Vriens said. “Chocolate is probably at the bottom of the list when you think about making food healthier.”

Smoking, pollution, caffeine and a lack of sleep contribute to the creation of free radicals that can damage healthy cells in the body and accelerate the aging process.

“There is a huge body of evidence that shows flavanols slow down damage caused by free radicals,” said Kepler Capital Markets analyst Jon Cox.

“Food manufacturing companies are leveraging health and wellness into various products and there is definitely a market for chocolate in health and wellness. We have already seen how this has worked in dairy products, with products like Danone’s Actimel and Unilever’s Benecol,” Cox said.

The functional chocolate market, which includes organic and diet chocolate, is seeing double-digit growth, easily outpacing the 1-2 percent growth currently seen in the rest of the chocolate market, Cox said.

But some experts are doubtful about the positive effects flavanols have on skin.

“There is quite a lot of evidence that cocoa flavanols have a positive effect on the blood flow. They could reduce blood pressure which could have a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases,” said Richard Hurrell, Professor of Human Nutrition at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

“The possible effects on skin and cognitive performance are less well established. There is evidence, but it is much less consistent. It may be that the effect on the blood flow is also what improves memory or skin health in some of the studies,” Hurrell said.

Easter chocolatey Science

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Feeling guilty about the tons of chocolate you eat on Easter?

Remember Harvard School of Public Health’s Survey:
Chocolate consumption has been scientifically linked to longer life.

The survey of healthy 65-year-old men revealed that those who ate sweets containing chocolate reportedly lived longer.
Happy Easter the FoodAdo Team!

(chocolate) London Calling

Thursday, April 1st, 2010


Imagine a vibrant and busy fair, the crowd flowing through the stands and the festive atmosphere.

Then, add chocolate, lots of gorgeous chocolate, in every possible form and shape.

Do you know where you are?

You are at the South Bank Chocolate Festival with the FoodAdo Team!

Yes, we could not resist the chocolate calling.

We browsed through the colourful stands, sampled unusual combinations of flavours, admired unique creations and learned new ways to think chocolate with clever maitres chocolatiers.

The festival was full of irresistible moments, like an elegant VIP reception (Yael Rose could not make it more special), where producers could present their chocolatey creations and tell the secrets behind them.

Damian Allsop presented a tasty passion fruit speciality and guided the audience through an exciting tasting: starting from the moment the truffle broke in the mouth and passion fruit showed its strong character, getting to the instant when coffee and dark chocolate added their final touch to the experience.

More browsing and more chocolate, from stand to stand, discovering new food trends (so many!), new attractive ways to enjoy chocolate, gift ideas and friendly flavours. The chill of a an early spring day was not a problem: Jaz and Juls prepared mugs of caramel hot chocolate that kept the Team warm and willing to explore more and more and more!

At FoodAdo, we cannot wait for the next event!

FoodAdo – For everyone that’s passionate about food!

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Dear Foodies,

Here’s a little story about us.  You can call it “our story”.  Its about how the idea for FoodAdo first got planted as a tiny seed in the mind of our founder.

Our Story…

When the local organic deli stopped stocking his favourite raw chocolate because they didn’t have enough shelf space for all the different producers, Paul began to wonder if there was there a better way to help small unique producers get their wonderful foods into the mouths of hungry foodies?

After much research he realised that what was missing was a place where talented producers could come together, with each having a place to tell the magic of their uniquely human story, connect directly with foodies, and display the passion that drives their wonderful foods.

By coming together these producers would create a bigger voice and be able to reach a much wider audience, making it so much easier for hungry foodies across the nation (perhaps a bit like you!) to discover and buy the fabulous foods and gifts they are seeking.

And so the seed for FoodAdo was planted.

Now, FoodAdo didn’t magically appear the next day, in fact it took over a year for the idea to properly germinate and the right solution to be found.  But eventually it happened, and when he found the solution Paul knew he had discovered the way to build a business dedicated to helping amazing food producers.

The work began, with detailed plans and designs and sketches of screens and processes, and lots of conversations with small producers to understand better how we could help their businesses.  Simon soon joined the team to look after all things technical, and slowly, but very surely (and with a lot of hard work, though it doesn’t feel like work because we are very passionate about our mission here!)  the idea has been becoming a reality.

Soon (very soon!) we will have the pleasure of bringing you some absolutely amazing tasty foods from very talented  passionate artisan food producers, with foods often made by hand and in small batches and with nothing nasty added.

Among the wonderful foods you’ll see at FoodAdo are award winning sauces and chutneys and marmalades, delicious honeys, handmade chocolates, amazing cupcakes with yummy gooey chocolate inside, fabulous apple juices each made from all kinds of British apples, organic certified soups and hot chocolate with orange and chilli to keep you warm on cold winter evenings.  And there’s lots more too!

Nothing but pure delicious treats and gifts for you and your friends and colleagues to discover, buy and enjoy!

At FoodAdo we have room (and shelf space!) for everyone that’s passionate about food!

Best wishes,

The FoodAdo Team

Ps If you have  a favourite local producer you would like to see on FoodAdo, please email us at and we’ll see if we can be of help.