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Uma’s MumsExoticSauces sells at @FoodAdo: When an artisan product is fresh & good no worries about the business plan!

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Uma’s success is a demonstration that when a product is very very very good, there is no need to worry to much!

FoodAdo is charmed by Mums Exotic Sauces story:

“My name is Uma Purohit, and I with my husband’s great help and support run my small business, producing and supplying a variety of exotic dips and cooking sauces to small businesses and to customers through three local markets.

Food has always been my passion; I am known to always be entertaining. Any parties I went to I always had to take my salsa sauce. I literally woke up one morning in June 2009 and decided that I was going to take the leap of faith and start a business based solely on comments from my friends and relatives combined with my passion for cooking and for creating interesting and new recipes. I also am a full time health professional with a particular interest in health promotion matters which gives me an important perspective on what is good and wholesome food. This is applied on a daily basis to all my products. I had no business idea, never done anything any thing like this before. I booked a pitch for a Saturday, at one of the famous markets in London, it seemed easy!

I went armed with a decorating table and a borrowed garden gazebo and ventured into the market in Marylebone, London. In those days amazingly we only sold a single product, our home made smooth exotic Salsa. So the next time I made buckets full of salsa sauce and you know what it sold!  People liked the taste, asked if I make any other sauces. So yet again the next time I took a large coffee jar of coriander chilli chutney as a sample, it quickly sold out!! Following that I took some guacamole in a large coffee jar to the next market, it too sold out!!!

To my surprise the Coriander chilli chutney has become our best seller. We have since introduced Gujarati Style cooking sauces, in Mild, Medium and Hot Flavours and they are equally as popular as our Coriander chilli chutney.

The rest I should say is history. Fourteen months later we now have a presence in 3 separate markets, a small list of personal customers and supply to some small delicatessens.

Our small product range includes Exotic Salsa and Smooth Guacamole, Indian green chilli, coriander and ginger chutney and our very versatile Gujarati style cooking sauce in varying degrees of hotness.

The whole operation is run from our kitchen at home with the objective of producing products that are fresh, locally sourced where possible and completely home made without any additives or preservatives.

We now sell at the following markets, Duck Pond Farmers Market in Ruislip on 1st and Duck Pond Food and Craft market on 3rd Sunday in the month and Welwyn Garden City Market on 1st and 3rd Sunday in month. I still have my full time job, and am a devoted wife and mother to my two beautiful daughters.

It is our promise to supply tasty freshly home made products to suit all levels of taste buds.”

FoodAdo has a complete passion for artisan food producers that throw themselves into new adventures. How can you not feel proud for corageous Uma and her successful business?

Well done Uma and thank you for sharing your story with us!

FoodAdo supports UK artisan producers: if you like FoodAdo, register or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

FoodAdo supports UK artisan producers: if you like FoodAdo, register or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


@FoodAdo MUMPRENEURS: Galia from CHOC CHICK, how to be a mum & manage a successful business

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010


FoodAdo interviewed Galia, Choc Chick, to discover what is a secret of a working mother that manages to have lovely children and a successful business.

Q: Galia, How did you manage the challenge of being a mother and launch your own business?

A: I actually set up my own business as I was finding it hard to balance my family life and a full time job. By setting up my own company CHOC Chick, I’ve been able to make my own hours and although I actually work longer hours than before, I’m still able to collect my daughters from school, attend school events and be there in the afternoons when they are home. I’ve had a lot of help from my husband and girls and they are very much involved in the business, from developing new chocolate recipes, packing up orders and ingredients to helping out at trade shows and events. It is a constant challenge balancing motherhood with my business but I am extremely lucky to have a very supportive family who are as passionate about my business as I am.

Q: What made you click and think “I want to create CHOC Chick“?

A: I’ve always been a chocoholic and when I discovered, around 3 years ago, how easy, healthy and delicious raw chocolate making is I began making copious amounts of chocolates for friends and family. At that time it was difficult and expensive finding the raw chocolate making ingredients and after making my own chocolate for around 6 months, I decided to leave my full time job and developed a range of affordable raw chocolate making kits with all the ingredients and recipes so that anyone can be a chocolatier and discover the joys of raw chocolate.

Q: Did you have connections or experience in the business before you started?

A: My previous job was in Internet Marketing, so using this experience I initially set up my business online and developed my online shop. As my aim is to make raw chocolate making accessible to all, I realised after a year in business, that I needed to get our Kits and ingredients into retail outlets and the high-street and this has been a huge learning curve as I had absolutely no experience in retail.

Q: What is the most precious tip you would you give to a Mum thinking about starting a small company?

A: Be passionate about your business but do make sure to find time for yourself and delegate as much as you can. When running your own small business you end up doing absolutely everything, on top of the housework, taking care of the children and cooking dinner, so finding ways to delegate some of the work and spending a little time just on yourself (simply going for a walk with my dogs works for me!) is incredibly important.

Q: What is the thing you like the most about CHOC Chick?

A: Setting up my business has been a dream come true, I get to work with everything chocolate, which is one of my biggest passions, but my favourite thing is seeing people’s reactions when they taste raw chocolate and realise how much fun it is to make it themselves. It’s incredibly satisfying to work in something that brings so much happiness to others (and myself of course!).

Q: What is in the future for lovely CHOC Chick?

A: My aim is to continue to grow the business both online and on the high-street and bring raw chocolate making to every kitchen in the UK and beyond.

Galia has recently started selling her beautiful chocolates on, and discovere that FoodAdo is a  website specialised in supporting little UK food producers, many of whom are women and mothers. Good luck Galia!

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Do you like FoodAdo? Register or follow us on Facebok and Twitter!