Is Damian Allsop the greatest chocolatier in the UK right now?


This morning I arranged to send a small mountain of chocolate to Jayne  for winning the competition we sponsored on a magazine.  She’s going to receive  “The Chocolate Box” which will be despatched fresh and direct from Damian Allsop in the next day or so.  I just know she’s  gonna love it – its not just a box of chocolates – its a box-of-boxes of chocolates!!!!!!  Anyway,  it got me to thinking a bit about Damian Allsop, who  I was chatting to just a few days ago and is I believe one of, if not THE greatest chocolatier in the UK right now.


I first met Damian and tasted his fabulous chocolates last year at the Xmas Chocolate Festival at London’s Southbank (if you’re London based perhaps you saw there last weekend?).  I was lucky enough to be invited to meet him and his team (including Christain and the lovely Anna) at his chocolate workshop where every chocolate is hand made with passion in small batches. I got to taste so many different flavours and left with a little bag of samples and wore a chocolate smile for days! :)

As well as being an artist of the highest calibre in his field and leading a revolution in chocolate in the UK, Damian Allsop is also a really good solid genuine guy.  Basically Damian Allsop has re-invented chocolate as we know it, by using water to unlock the true flavour of chocolate. He has removed the cream and butter used by all other UK chocolatiers and pastry chefs, to creat the best tasting chocolates (thats’s certainly my opinion!), giving a purer, lighter and fresh tasting chocolate that is unlike any other. They are also served in the country’s top Michelin restaurants, and his creations are really changing the way we appreciate and understand the flavour of chocolate.

But don’t take my word for it (clearly I AM biased) here are a few quotes:

“This is what truffles should taste like.” (Angela Hartnett, M.B.E.)
“I have never tasted anything like it.” (Alison Hepworth in Get Reading, July 2009)
“I am absolutely flabbergasted.” (Lucy Cavendish in Observer Food Monthly, November 2008)

You can find out all about Damian Allsop and what makes his chocolates so special right here: Click on “Read full story” to get all the details.

If you want to find out more about Damian Allsop’s “The Chocolate Box” – its an extravagant and indulgent gift that’ll put a smile on any foodies face!  ps You can order and get free delivery here:


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