Meet Gary and Maarit and their ethical family run hand roasted artisan single estate Arabica coffee!

Gary and Maarit run Coffee Real, a small ethical family run ‘artisan’ coffee roastery specialising  in top quality single estate Arabica coffee.

As a true artisan producer, their roasting process is intimate and hands-on and Gary and Maarit hand roast their coffee “to order” in small 12kg batches, which allows them to roast and ship the same day for the ultimate in freshness.
They source and select some of the best single estate Arabica coffee beans in the world at origin and then hand roast them to perfection, and access to some very small amounts of limited edition single estate coffees, making their coffee highly unique in the UK.
They include single estate varieties from Brazil, Sumatra, Guatemala, and the outstanding Yirgacheffe (Lot No:1130) grown by villagers in the high rolling hills of Ethiopia on organically rich pocket-sized plots, using completely traditional methods.  The elegant Yirgacheffe has notes of jasmine,  honey and tangerine  and has to be tasted to be believed!
Coffee Real trades ethically through direct relationships with farmers under their own “RealTrade” approach based on fact, first hand observation and experience.

As they say, “if you haven’t tried our coffee yet, let’s just say you are missing out on some enlightenment!”

A big welcome aboard to Gary and Maarit and their wonderful hand roasted coffees to the growing familyof gourmet artisan producers at FoodAdo!

Posted by Paul , FoodAdo Team

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