The Coffee Fairy does her magic and conquers exclusive Harvey Nichols!

FoodAdo is P R O U D to announce that Martina, our lovely Coffee Fairy, made it into the selected number of those who can sell at very exclusive Harvey Nichols!

She is that good!

FoodAdo Team was very excited and curious about this great producer’s achievement and could not avoid to ask her a few questions.

What was the first thing you thought when they told you?

The first thing I thought and said was “You are kidding?” I really didn’t believe it and figured it was just yet another example of someone liking it, but not actually following it up with an order.

You must understand that I have been here so many times before it’s hard to believe what anyone says.”

What was the first person you called with the good news?

“I called my friend Jo, who I live with and who has put up with months of missing rent and tears and who has always always believed it was going to happen for me.”

Why do you think they liked your coffee over other products?

“I think they know it’s a quality product, but they love everything else too, the branding, the story behind it, the ethics, the whole project.”

We totally agree it is, and that is why wanted it to be on FoodAdo from start: it is just great! Congratulations Martina, we hope you will have more and more success!

“Thank you! I am still pinching myself!”

The Coffee Fairy might be still pinching herself but the FoodAdo Team and all the foodies who tried her beautiful coffee have the same opinion:

“Martina, your coffee is just great, of course they wanted it!!”

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