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Pinks Organics: hand made food – the old fashioned way!

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Pinks Organics, as we know it, was founded by Fiona Pink and Tom Vickers.

Far before them, in the early 1880s, Fiona Pink’s Great Great Grandfather, founded a company called Pinks. Pinks soon became the biggest jam company in the world. It was a household name and had the contract to supply the British troops fighting in the great war, with Pinks Plum Jam.

This was a time when production was mainly done by hand; before high levels of pesticide use and intensive farming set in, ensuring purity and quality of food.

This ethos – to supply food that’s pure and untainted, is the inspiration for a new era of Pinks.

I grew up with the history and stories of Pinks Jam as a child and so it seemed only natural to want to revive the company”, says Fiona.

As a result, nestled in the heart of the Dorset countryside, Pinks Organics holds on to those values by producing an exciting range of artisan products that are simple in origin and true in flavours.

Semi dried and smoked semi dried cherry tomatoes form the basis of this range which is both refreshing and pure.

Tom and I are delighted at the fantastic response that Pinks Organics has already received” says Fiona .

“I know my Great Great Grandfather would wholeheartedly approve!”

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Super Kate and Lahloo Tea win Gold Taste Award 2010

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Kate Gover at Lahloo Tea wins Taste Award 2010

Lahloo is celebrating after winning four prizes at the sixteenth annual national Great Taste Awards this week.

Lahloo won GREAT TASTE GOLD for 4 of their beautiful loose leaf teas.

“We got the exciting phone call the other day and have been dancing around the room since with huge grins on our faces!”

Lahloo is specialized in artisan single estate and custom-blended loose leaf tea with flavour and provenance.

“I know how fantastic Lahloo Tea is but to stand out among what is really talented competition after just 18 months and receive these awards is a great achievement. It gives me confidence that Lahloo is heading in the right direction.”

This is quite an achievement for such a young company especially as Kate Gover used to hate tea with a passion!!

Mary’s heart is made of chocolate

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Mary Kinsella, from the  Gorgeous Chocolate Heart Company, is a committed chocoholic and a talented artisan producer with a passion for research.

She managed to create raw chocolate snacks that have all the nutrient goodies in: full of superfoods, energy enhancing, nutrient dense and no roasting or additives (wheat, dairy and gluten free).

“I am passionate about creating the best raw chocolate, and am constantly doing research (and lots of tastings!) to improve my products and create more delicious recipes.”

She is indeed! And she has a collection of interesting recipes too!

Her raw chocolate balls are unique and it is fun to explore them all. They just surprise you with their character!

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Cool Summer Jellies – Raspberry and Earl Grey Tea!

Monday, July 12th, 2010


Raspberry and Earl Grey Jellies - Serves 6

Here’s a recipe to make refreshing summer jellies with fresh raspberries and Earl Grey Tea.

Takes about 1 hour to make, plus setting.  You will need

Steps to Prepare:

  1. Mash the raspberries and sugar to a juicy pulp.  Set aside for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, so the sugar dissolves.  Rub through a sieve.
  2. Half-fill a bowl with cold water, and lay the gelatine in it to soften.  Drop the tea bags into a measuring jug and pour in enough boiling water to come up to the 300ml mark.  Leave for a few minutes to brew but while it’s hot remove the tea bags.
  3. Scoop the gelatine out of its bath, squeeze out excess water and stir into the steaming tea.  Now add the lemon juice and pour in the raspberry liquid.  Pour into 6 x 120ml moulds or champagne flutes or small wine glasses.  Leave to cool, then put in the fridge to set for 5-6 hours.

Turn out the jellies on to serving plates, or serve in champagne flutes or glasses.

Posted by Paul, FoodAdo Team

Recipe Courtesy of Clare Jones at the Bellevue Tea Company


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Meet Gary and Maarit and their ethical family run hand roasted artisan single estate Arabica coffee!

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Gary and Maarit run Coffee Real, a small ethical family run ‘artisan’ coffee roastery specialising  in top quality single estate Arabica coffee.

As a true artisan producer, their roasting process is intimate and hands-on and Gary and Maarit hand roast their coffee “to order” in small 12kg batches, which allows them to roast and ship the same day for the ultimate in freshness.
They source and select some of the best single estate Arabica coffee beans in the world at origin and then hand roast them to perfection, and access to some very small amounts of limited edition single estate coffees, making their coffee highly unique in the UK.
They include single estate varieties from Brazil, Sumatra, Guatemala, and the outstanding Yirgacheffe (Lot No:1130) grown by villagers in the high rolling hills of Ethiopia on organically rich pocket-sized plots, using completely traditional methods.  The elegant Yirgacheffe has notes of jasmine,  honey and tangerine  and has to be tasted to be believed!
Coffee Real trades ethically through direct relationships with farmers under their own “RealTrade” approach based on fact, first hand observation and experience.

As they say, “if you haven’t tried our coffee yet, let’s just say you are missing out on some enlightenment!”

A big welcome aboard to Gary and Maarit and their wonderful hand roasted coffees to the growing familyof gourmet artisan producers at FoodAdo!

Posted by Paul , FoodAdo Team

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When the dairy cancelled their goats milk contract in favour of cheaper imported milk, Alan and Angela decided to go into cheese making!

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Where the cheese starts!When the dairy cancelled their local goats milk contract and started to import cheaper goat’s milk from abroad, Alan and Angela were left with a herd of 300 goats producing hundreds of litres of milk each day and no customer!  They quickly had to change their business and so they decided to go into cheese making.

We’re so glad – because as a result they now make the best goats cheese we’ve tasted!

Delicious blue goats cheese!
The goats are milked by hand and the cheese is made by hand in small batches almost every day.  What makes their artisan cheese so unique is that the person who milks the goats is the person who makes the cheese! Its a labour of love and produces outstanding artisan cheese.
Wobbly Bottom Farm is a small farm situated a mile outside the historic market town of Hitchin in Hertfordshire.  The goats are free to graze on the 39 acres of grass fields and because the grass is very sweet the cheese that is not as “goaty” as some European goat’s cheese.

Welcome aboard to Wobbly Bottom Farm – our latest producer to join the family of gourmet artisan producers at FoodAdo!

Posted by Paul , FoodAdo Team


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The Coffee Fairy does her magic and conquers exclusive Harvey Nichols!

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

FoodAdo is P R O U D to announce that Martina, our lovely Coffee Fairy, made it into the selected number of those who can sell at very exclusive Harvey Nichols!

She is that good!

FoodAdo Team was very excited and curious about this great producer’s achievement and could not avoid to ask her a few questions.

What was the first thing you thought when they told you?

The first thing I thought and said was “You are kidding?” I really didn’t believe it and figured it was just yet another example of someone liking it, but not actually following it up with an order.

You must understand that I have been here so many times before it’s hard to believe what anyone says.”

What was the first person you called with the good news?

“I called my friend Jo, who I live with and who has put up with months of missing rent and tears and who has always always believed it was going to happen for me.”

Why do you think they liked your coffee over other products?

“I think they know it’s a quality product, but they love everything else too, the branding, the story behind it, the ethics, the whole project.”

We totally agree it is, and that is why wanted it to be on FoodAdo from start: it is just great! Congratulations Martina, we hope you will have more and more success!

“Thank you! I am still pinching myself!”

The Coffee Fairy might be still pinching herself but the FoodAdo Team and all the foodies who tried her beautiful coffee have the same opinion:

“Martina, your coffee is just great, of course they wanted it!!”

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