Tea: from great-great grandfather to great-great granddaughter!

Kate Gover used to hate tea with a passion.

That was until she tasted a Japanese green tea produced by farmers on a tiny estate. She fell in love with the complex taste and a new and exciting world opened up in front of her.

That one extraordinary cup inspired Kate to start Lahloo and it would be hard to find somebody more passionate about tea.

Although Kate’s love of tea was ignited by a single cup of artisan Japanese green tea, it was studying tea and its British history that led her to a remarkable discovery, not to mention inspiration for the company name.

During her research, she learnt that her great-great grandfather, George Hockaday, sailed aboard an iconic 19th century tea clipper called the Lahloo.

She offers tea drinkers a boutique collection of loose-leaf tea from some of the world’s finest small tea gardens. These distinctive teas are a world away from the faceless, mass-produced tea produced in huge factories.

This is hand-picked tea with character, flavour, provenance, and, like Kate and Lahloo, each one has its own fascinating story to tell.


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