(chocolate) London Calling


Imagine a vibrant and busy fair, the crowd flowing through the stands and the festive atmosphere.

Then, add chocolate, lots of gorgeous chocolate, in every possible form and shape.

Do you know where you are?

You are at the South Bank Chocolate Festival with the FoodAdo Team!

Yes, we could not resist the chocolate calling.

We browsed through the colourful stands, sampled unusual combinations of flavours, admired unique creations and learned new ways to think chocolate with clever maitres chocolatiers.

The festival was full of irresistible moments, like an elegant VIP reception (Yael Rose could not make it more special), where producers could present their chocolatey creations and tell the secrets behind them.

Damian Allsop presented a tasty passion fruit speciality and guided the audience through an exciting tasting: starting from the moment the truffle broke in the mouth and passion fruit showed its strong character, getting to the instant when coffee and dark chocolate added their final touch to the experience.

More browsing and more chocolate, from stand to stand, discovering new food trends (so many!), new attractive ways to enjoy chocolate, gift ideas and friendly flavours. The chill of a an early spring day was not a problem: Jaz and Juls prepared mugs of caramel hot chocolate that kept the Team warm and willing to explore more and more and more!

At FoodAdo, we cannot wait for the next event!

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