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We help food lovers discover
great tasting foods
made by small British food makers

Discover great tasting natural foods made by real people.

FoodAdo was started by a couple of friends who shared a love of great food and wanted to make a difference.   We enjoy sharing meals with friends and family and we care about what we eat. 

We prefer local foods that haven't been flown all over the planet.  We believe that natural is better.  We'd like to see a world with less foods made in faceless factories and more food made the old fashioned way - by hand in small batches, where the only additive is love and care.

This is why we work hard to help small (but great) food producers, often businesses with just one or two people, who are working really hard to create really fabulous foods, that are made fresh and eaten fresh. 

Our team is on a mission to support the small guys - the talented independent food producers who make fabulous foods, with their own hands often in small batches.  It's all about real food made the old fashioned way. 

If you like what we are working to achieve, if you also find it hard to access fabulous and natural foods, and if you want to do something to help the little guy, then please come and spend time here on FoodAdo.  

Read the stories of these wonderful people who put their hearts into bringing amazing foods to the marketplace.  Share with your friends.  And if you get hungry or need a gift - well hey you can buy here too!  (And by the way, when you buy from the producers on FoodAdo, they get a much better deal than through any retailer or wholesaler.)

Who knows - one day perhaps we won't have so many factories?  Perhaps one day all our food will be made locally?  Produced and eaten fresh.

Good fresh food.  Made the old fashioned way.  Yum!

Best wishes,
The FoodAdo Team

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